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GCSE samples:


  • Clip 7 - Algebraic Conventions

This clip introduces the many basic rules that pupils need to know to become fluent in Algebra.


  • Clip 127 - Venn Diagrams Notation

This clip is the perfect introduction to Venn Diagrams.


  • Clip 181 - Enlargement by a Negative

                        Scale Factor

This is a typical example of one of the topics covered in two different ways to suit the needs of every pupil.


  • Clip 217 - Pythagoras in 3D

This Higher level clip explains how to use good old Pythagoras' theorem in 3 Dimensions.

KS3/Primary samples:


  • N2 - Negative Numbers

This clip introduces negative numbers. It begins simply but soon moves on to some quite difficult concepts.


  • D5 - Mode, Median and Range

Three important statistical concepts are explored.

It begins with a dilemma for Jane. 


  • N11 - Ordering Decimals

Place Value was looked at in N1. N11 builds on this to explain why, for instance, 5.12 is bigger than 5.103


  • S14 - Measuring and Drawing Angles

Here we explain clearly how to use a protractor to measure and draw all types of angles.