mathematics just a click away...

MathsWatch is a set of mathematics resources (videos and worksheets) available to schools/colleges via an online subscription service or via the purchase of individual discs (playable on any Windows® PC).

There are several reasons the MathsWatch resource works as the best Maths revision aid on the market today:

  • It revises every single topic just like a teacher would, at the board.

  • The three producers of the disc are all highly experienced practising teachers.

  • Every clip has real exam questions for students to do - because we all know that to be good at Maths, a student has to do it, not just watch it.

* Higher or Foundation disc at £3 +VAT


Pure Core

£150 + VAT per year online*


£4 + VAT per disc*


£375 + VAT per year online

Key Stage 3

£3 + VAT per disc


£150 + VAT per year online


£3 + VAT per disc


£99 + VAT per year online

* Not available in disc format